Friday, 11 January 2013

On my mission to go white blonde.

Again! This time I'm sticking more to it though. I let my black hair fade out as much as I could, washed it with head & shoulders to strip most of the colour out (which it did). As I wasn't wearing my extensions anymore because they didn't match my hair, I decided to use the wild ombre kit on my hair, the ends went a nice brown/ginger colour. After about 2 weeks of that being in my hair, the other night I decided to bleach my whole head. 45 minutes after applying it, I was in shock! My hair was basically white. It had a lot of caramel patches and a few ginger patches but I was so shocked. As I don't want to wreck my hair, I put a light natural brown over it, it hasn't taken well as it looks like I have highlights but oh well. So, today I decided to buy more bleach and white hair dye, I won't be doing this till half term holiday. I still need to get more blonde dye and lavendar dye as I want a nice lavendar blonde colour to my hair. I know this just seems to be a big paragraph of rubbish (because it is) but I've not updated on here for ages! I also thought I'd keep at least someone up to date with my hair change. One I will hopefully stick to this time.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Less than a month to go!

And I've stupidly decided to have my heart set on 3 items of clothing I know I won't ever get, even though they're not stupidly expensive I just know that no one will get me them cause my mam has already picked my presents.

First up are studded high heel platform boots from glamorous UK. Even though I very rarely go out on nights out, I really like these! I've wanted a pair of JC's for so long but seeing as I won't be ever to afford them, these are perfect. I'd probably try and wear them for every day things as well.
Secondly, Rikki studded blue wash denim shorts
. If you know me pretty well you will know I have a tiny bit of an obsession with shorts. They are my favourite things to wear, rain or shine. I really love studded shorts and these are so nice!
Last, Fadia camouflage jacket with gold sequin sleeves. I was watching "Made in Chelsea" yesterday and I saw Millie's jacket and it was similar to this and I fell in love with it. I love the camo look but I love the sleeves on this. You can get it in black or gold but I think the gold is nicer and stands out more. Quite cheap for a jacket as well.

So, who knows, I might get these, I might not. Less than a month to find out!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Romwe is puuuuurrrr-fect

I've always heard amazing things about romwe and I decided today would be the day I have a gander on their website. Safe to say, I wasn't let down! They have so much beautiful clothing it's unreal! The first two things that caught my eye were these two lovely dresses. Now, just like a lot of people, I am a bit cat crazy (not sure if I should be proud to admit that) and when I saw these I instantly thought "I need them". First dress is the Cat Face White Dress which I think is adorable with the little net ribbon detail on the front. The cats face covers up your breasts which means it's probably not a good idea to wear a bra with this dress as you would be able to see it, a bit of tape or maybe a few plasters and you should be fine. Although, I do think if you were to wear this casual with a nice over sized denim jacket or cardigan you might be able (that's a big might) to get away with a strapless bra, as long as the jacket or cardigan covers up the sides. The mesh that covers the upper part of the dress is gorgeous and isn't plain, it has white little dots over it. The second dress is the Black Catty Dress (can be bought in white), I would rather this dress in black because it seemed a lot warmer. A winter must have with such warm, fluffy looking material. Perfect for a night out or just to college! Even though you probably would be able to spot a little bit of fluff on this a mile away, it is gorgeous. I think the cute ribbon on this dress makes it stand out from normal cat style dresses. From the pictures of the model wearing it, it does seem to be quite short so I don't think I'd ever wear it without a pair of tights underneath them. Some might prefer this dress to the first as you can safely wear a strapless or a transparent strap bra under it.

I think they're both so gorgeous and I am tempted to ask good old Santa to bring me them, hopefully I'd have been a good enough girl for them both!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Glamorous £200 Challenge

Glamorous have challenged us bloggers to create a wishlist of Glamorous products worth £200. Now, I have been making so much wishlists lately and I have to admit it was so much more fun to put a budget on them. I made two outfits because otherwise it would be a big mess of things and I'd rather them look nicer and tidier.
Outfit one -
Charcoal Disco Pants I love disco pants, they go with so much outfits. You can dress them up or wear them even if you wanted to pop to the corner shop. I think Glamorous have given an amazing price of £29.99 which you'd have to be a fool to refuse.
Camouflage Knit Cardigan I love camo print and I love cardigans, as soon as I saw this I fell in love. Just like the disco pants, they can be dressed with any sort of style. You could pair it up with a dress and boots or some leggings, over sized t-shirt and pumps.
Underwood Studded Cream Vest
Such a gorgeous top! I would wear this to college or on a night out. Also, it has been seen on TOWIE's Lauren Pope! To me, it doesn't get any better. TOWIE, studs and a good priced top, it's like heaven all in one for me.
Skull Detail Ballet Shoe
They are so gorgeous. I was sat here for ages deciding if I wanted to use the black ones or the peach ones. I caved in to pick the black ones as I wear a lot more black and think they'd go so lovely with the disco pants. At £10 I'm tempted to buy them and the peach ones, they're so beautiful and I love the little diamond detail on the skulls eyes and mouth.
My first outfit all came up to £92.97.
Outfit two -
Acid Denim Jean
Now, I hardly ever wear jeans so it takes a lot for me to even like a pair. I saw these and thought "I need them in my life". They're such a lovely colour and look like they'd fit amazingly. A lovely light colour which can go with so much different tops, jackets and shoes.
Black with Square Gold Studs Knit Jumper I was dreading to see the price of this because usually studded jumpers are over priced but I felt a little bit of relief when I noticed how amazing the price was! Only £25!! It's such a good price for such a fashionable item of clothing. I love the style, colour and everything about it. It's a winter must have in the wardrobe.
Black Wedge High Top Trainers I love high top trainers and being a short person, I love that they've now made wedge high tops. I think the all black high tops are gorgeous. I often wear black on a night out and think these would look so amazing with a black bodycon skirt and a white crop top t-shirt. I really do hope that I have these under my Christmas tree, I think they're beautiful!
Leather Look Stud Embellished Shopper Bag in Black Yes, another stud item off me, shock shock. I've been looking for a nice studded bag for college and I think it's safe to say, I've found it! It's such a gorgeous bag and looks like it's amazing quality. I know I'd be walking around college showing off this beaut if I bought it.
My second outfit all came up to £103.98

All in all, my wish list comes up to £196.95! What would you buy with £200 at Glamorous?

Friday, 26 October 2012

My first motel rocks purchase.

                                                                          Teagan Dipped Hem Dress in Black and Taupe
I had a wedding to go to on Wednesday and for ages I was looking for a dress. I went to the usual places of topshop, river island and searched online with boohoo and missguided but found nothing. There were a lot of nice black dresses but I'm a strong believer in wearing colour for a wedding so I decided against them. I then remembered about motel rocks, I've never bought from there before but I'd heard such good things about it. After picking between two dresses I decided to get this one because I loved the dip hem skirt and the black top of it meant I could pair it up with black shoes.
It arrived quite quickly, which I'm super happy about and I was really happy with the price (£18.00 in the sale, really can't even think about complaining about that price because it's so good). Anyway, unlike the picture and the description the skirt wasn't a pink or a nude sandy colour, it was more of a nude beige. I was a bit let down with that because I was looking forward to the nice pale pink skirt. The top of the dress was a stretchy material which didn't look tacky unlike most stretchy material, luckily as well I could hide my bra under it. It was a nice length, I did worry a bit because I am very short and I was scared that it would be by my feet but it was calf length. I paired this dress up with my suede wedged boots from newlook that I got last year that have a gold zip on the side. Apart from the colour of the skirt, I am very pleased with motel rocks. I don't think I'll be buying much coloured dresses off them again in case I am slightly disappointed again like I was with the skirt of this but I would buy other clothing off them. I also would recommend motel rocks with the price and the quick delivery. 

Does size stop you from wearing certain clothes?

Today at the train station there was a girl there (she couldn't be anymore than a size 16) and she was wearing cut off denim shorts, the type that shows a bit of the bum. She obviously was wearing tights and I didn't think anything of it but two boys were speaking to each other and said "that's disgusting" and it made me think, does being a certain size actually stop you from wearing certain stuff or not?

Ok, I have to admit I am guilty of thinking things like "she shouldn't be wearing that" but who doesn't? But the thing I'm thinking of is, should curvy or plus sized women stick to always being covered up? Do slim or size zero girls actually have the body to be wearing tight clothing and cropped tops?

I'd like to know peoples opinions on this because to me I feel as if as long as you have the confidence and personality to wear something it looks amazing, no matter the size of the person.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

My Grunge wish list.

So, here is my current wish list of clothes. I've always tried to avoid the whole "grunge" look because to me, it wasn't appealing but I've fallen for the trend now. Also, I'm surprised that I found all but one items on my wishlist from newlook. I very rarely find anything I like on there but their new stuff is amazing.

1. Topshop - Speckle Roll Sleeve Mini Dress - £26.00
I've always wanted a nice dress that I could wear with anything and this one caught my eye. It seems a nice length, just above the knees. The colour is a lovely light blue and seems to only hug in at the right places. Looks like the perfect dress for winter and summer!

2. Newlook - Diffuse Khaki Stud Shoulder Camouflage Jacket - £39.99
Like most girls now, I really want a camouflage jacket! They're highly in fashion right now and could go with so many different styled outfits. Sadly, I have to admit, I do feel as if these shops have over priced most of the jackets which has put me off buying them but I don't feel like it will be long till I cave in. The newlook jacket has lovely gold studs over the chest and around the pockets. Studs and camo, two things a girl needs in her wardrobe right now.

3. Newlook - Gola Khaki Mckellen Union Jack Backpack - £34.99
I think a jacket, shoes and bag make or break an outfit and this backpack would make my wishlist outfit. It's a perfect colour, the little union jack badge looks adorable on it and backpacks are in right now. I miss carrying around a backpack because I feel as if I can't carry much on a one shoulder bag or it hurts too much. Big price tag but beautiful bag!

4. Newlook - Black Glitter Brothel Creepers - £24.99
I've had a love/hate relationship with creepers. I've seen some girls wear them with amazing outfits and then I've seen girls wear them with horrible ones. I think these are adorable with the glitter on the top where the usual animal print is. I'd be happy to buy these but I'd be scared to wear them too much in case the glitter starts looking very tacky.

5. Newlook- Grey Mohair Cable Knight Bobble Hat - £4.99
I love hats a bit too much but I don't have a nice winter hat like this. Could go with so much outfits and is the type that would stay in fashion for years to come. Also, at £4.99 you really can't go wrong for a nice winter, warm hat!

6. Newlook- House of Holland Black Suspender Tights - £12.99
A pair of tights that have been very popular for so many years. I had a pair once but sadly they snagged on a wall and ripped. I do think these tights always look better with a dress or a skirt for some reason, they were very good quality as well. I'd love to have another pair and would gladly pay the price of £12.99 for tights as I've had substitute ones from places like primark before and they were shockingly bad.